Exterior Walls, Trim & Doors

Over time, the condition of elements such as your walls, trim, and doors wear down, and can require an additional amount of repairs to get it back in a desirable state yet again. Darlene Kay isn’t just your go to paint source for your home or business, we also provide a selection of maintenance and repair services to have the exterior of your building looking in prime condition once again.

As time goes on, structural components lose their luster and require a degree of repair or maintenance. This is no different with doors in your home or office. We are more than happy to solve this problem for your commercial or residential property. Doors are an essential part of your building. The investment in a refinishing a door is a great option, and is something that will consistently greet guests upon their entrance into your building.

If your interior looks incredible but a visitor is initially welcomed by an unsightly and aging entrance, it will inevitably override any beneficial take a person may have from any other aspect of your property. An even worse scenario would be to have your front door no longer be functional, requiring visitors and customers to use the side door. Avoid having your reputation damaged by repairing or finishing that door with something to write home about.

Trim Repair

At Darlene Kay, our associates are experienced professionals in exterior trim repair and replacement. Our qualified team can restore your home or office to its original desired condition. If needed, we are able to replace the trim completely and can work closely to ensure that the new trim does not look out of place in relation to the rest of the structure.

With each passing season, the wood trim around windows and doors tends to wear down. This isn’t just unsightly and an eyesore for anyone that sees your home or office, it also can lead to additional complications in the future, and give the owner an added and unnecessary headache. Trim that has worn down or rotted also allows water to flow in through the crevices, as rotted wood is much more porous.

Exterior Wall Repair

Inevitably, your home or business will need professional attention to maintain its preferred state. When it comes to exterior walls, this is definitely the case. Exterior walls are exposed to the elements and wear down over time, creating the need for professional repairs. If you are in need of exterior wall repairs, our qualified team is more than ready to tackle any job.

A common occurrence with exterior walls is that they will suffer water damage. This is especially true if the exterior wall was poorly constructed or was not sufficiently weather-proofed. If your siding was incorrectly installed, this can lead to further complications that can damage other elements of your exterior walls. We have a vast amount of experience restoring property’s to their original state or better, and when it comes to your structure’s exterior walls this is no different.

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