Repairs – Siding, Stucco & Trim

Darlene Kay may be masters of paint, but that’s not our only speciality. We also offer a selection of maintenance and repair services to keep your property looking in peak form. As time progresses, things are bound to wear down, which can necessitate a certain degree of fixes as a way to get your building looking in a presentable condition once again. Our company provides a selection of repair services for your home or office to have your building back in peak form in no time.

Stucco Repair

Stucco is the decorative coating for walls and ceilings that can make a building look incredible. However, this important component of your home or office’s design can require repair work over time. If you are in need of having your stucco repaired, Darlene Kay is up for the task.

We have many years of experience with installing and repairing stucco, and are confident that you will be making the best possible choice by choosing our company to work on your stucco. While Stucco is actually a protective element for your residential or commercial property, it can also wear down over time due to weather and other factors. This can require repair or replacement, and we are happy to provide you with an assessment to determine what the best course of action will be.

Siding Repair

Your home or office will eventually require much needed siding repair, and we are able to offer you restorative services that are sure to have your property looking great once again. Siding repairs are one of our specialities, and we are dedicated to delivering you a finished product that you will be satisfied with.

Water or flood damage can be a nightmare when it comes to your drywall, and you can almost guarantee that you will require some degree of repair after such an event. Drywall is susceptible to many issues resulting from water damage, as mold can grow under such conditions, which can lead to much larger and more serious issues. This is due to the porous nature of drywall, meaning it has a plethora of holes in which issues can develop over time.

Trim Repair

If your trim has begun to look shabby or no longer in an optimum state, it may be the right time to consider having this part of your property repaired. Damaged trim can detract from the overall appearance in your home or office, and by properly repairing it, you will make a world of difference in how your space appears.

If you want to have your residential or commercial property looking in a prime state yet again, call Darlene Kay today. We are confident in our ability to renew and restore your home or office to its once proud position.

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