Darlene Kay offers various kinds of painting services for your home or office, ensuring that we have the solution that fits your personalized needs. One way to go the extra mile towards making a name for yourself is to have a personalized branded sign painted on the exterior of your building.

Set your Business Apart from the Crowd

Taking the step of having a custom painted sign on the front of your commercial building can convert a dull wall into a lively beacon for your business. This eye-catching technique is a terrific way of drawing attention to your business. In our competitive age of unlimited media sources, vying for the public’s attention requires additional ways and methods to bring attention to yourself. Opting for a branded sign painting is one way of adding to your marketing arsenal.

A majority of signs are made from cheap vinyl and tend to get lost in the crowd. Choosing a hand painted sign will give you a leg up on your competition, as you will be bringing attention to yourself and making people notice your business in ways they likely wouldn’t with a standard sign.

By opting to work with Darlene Kay, you will be working with an experienced and professional painter who is more than capable of delivering a finished product that is more durable and of a higher quality than a standard sign. A painted sign will take a much longer amount of time to fade, peel , or become worn, alleviating the need to constantly repair or replace your exterior signage.

Why Choose a Hand-Painted Sign Over a Vinyl Sign

Vinyl signs tend to deal with more repair issues in a shorter amount of time. While they may initially be mildly cheaper than a painted sign, over time they will end up being the same if not much more due to the added need to replace or repair them.

Another factor to consider when deciding between a vinyl or hand painted sign is the fact that elements and messages can sometimes be lost in a vinyl sign. A poor layout on a vinyl sign is one way to waste precious marketing dollars, which is definitely not what you want to do as a business owner.

The Importance of Making a Visual Statement in the Marketplace

More and more, small businesses are relying on some type of visual medium to reach potential customers. Whether it is through an effective advertising campaign or consciously seeking ways to increase their business’s visual appeal, companies are certainly concerned with setting themselves apart from their competitors.

One such way of doing this is to have a hand-painted sign crafted for your business. This conveys a message that you are folksy and independent, and can go a long way towards establishing yourself as a prominent member of your local community and economy.

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