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Why a Free Color Consultation?

By Darlene Thomas - April 26, 2018

Many of our clients are surprised to find that we offer free color consultations. Few if any painting companies do. There are several places around town where you can go and find color consultations for a fee. We feel that a free color consultation is valuable in making sure our clients are happy and well served. Once you have decided to paint. the next big decision is color.
 Some people know just what they want and only need a few minutes with the paint samples to hone in on just the right shade.  Others have no idea about colors and want significant guidance.  Most people are somewhere in the middle, they have an idea, but could use someone to talk it over with and some time to really look at the options.  Even someone who wants white walls still has almost 100 different shades to choose from, which can be totally overwhelming.  All of these situations are good reasons to call and schedule an appointment.
During your appointment, Darlene will discuss with you what you want out of the project. Anyone can give you an opinion, but have you considered these questions and if you have, do you know how to achieve them?  Do you want your home or business to feel like a place of activity and excitement or place of calm and rest?  Do you want your exterior to stand out or blend in? What is the energy in the neighborhood?  Are you looking for something modern or traditional? What are these rooms used for and how can color help or hinder that purpose?  How will the lighting in rooms affect the final look of the project? If you could use help with any of these questions then a free color consultation could be a very useful experience.